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Full Service Items

We offer Full Auto Detail Services

Are you interested in giving your car a complete makeover? Look no further! We offer top-notch full auto detailing services that will leave your vehicle looking brand new. Our team of experts will thoroughly clean your car’s interior and exterior, including washing, waxing, and polishing. Additionally, we will take care of any minor scratches and dents to make your car look flawless. Trust us to provide you with the best auto detailing services that will exceed your expectations.

We offer a variety of services

Car polishing and detailing, scratch touch-ups, interior vacuuming, ultimate auto detailing, headliner cleaning, and tire dressing. Keep in mind that all of our services are available by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule your appointment today. We have Full auto detail service appointments available every day for your convenience.

Silver Detail (interior)

Full Service Items
  • Shampoo full interior including seats, door panels, mats & floors
  • Steam clean headliner
  • Clean all glass inside & out
  • Clean full rims & dress tires
  • Quick wash on exterior

*PRICING: $200.00 & up

Gold Detail (exterior)

Full Service Items
  • Exterior wash & rinse, clay & machine polish all exterior painted surfaces
  • Apply paste wax to all painted surfaces
  • Clean & dress engine bay
  • Touch up scratches & chips (best as possible)
  • Vacuum, blow out interior & clean mats
  • Clean glass inside & out
  • Clean full rims & dress tires

*PRICING: $200.00 & up

Platinum Detail (full detail)

Full Service Items
  • This is our ultimate detail, renovate your vehicle inside
    & out.
  • The PlatinumDetail is our Silver (interior) and Gold
    (exterior) details combined into one

*PRICING: $400.00 & up

*All of these services will be given an accurate price upon estimate. If there are any further questions about pricing go to Contact Us.


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