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Additional Services

*Note: We are Lease Return specialists for interior and exterior detailing  (including rims), prior to turning in your vehicle to the dealer!

  • Paint overspray removal
  • Road (highway/street) stripe overspray/paint removal
  • Spill and stain removal
  • Scratch and scuff removal
  • Minor paint touch-ups
  • Fallout removal
  • Scratches filled and touched up with paint, then polished out (Paintless Scratch Removal)
  • Window chip repair
  • Aftermarket spoilers and wheels installed
  • Pinstriping
  • Deodorizing & removal of various interior smells (ex: smoke)
  • Spot-stain removal from isolated areas (ex: chewing gum, tar, soda/coffee, etc)
  • Leather and fabric repair (ex: cigarette burns, cuts & tears, discoloration, seat repair, consoles, etc)
  • Remove vinyl wrap from exterior of vehicle

**We are experts at exterior paint correction due to our many years of collision repair and paint experience.

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