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Headlight Restoration

Headlight Restoration

We offer Headlight Restoration

Over time, the plastic headlight lenses of your car can become cloudy, yellowed, and scratched due to exposure to UV rays, air pollution, and road debris. This can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your headlights and make it difficult to see while driving at night, leading to safety hazards on the road. Our headlight restoration service offers a complete solution to this problem.
Our professional technicians use advanced tools and techniques to remove the cloudiness, yellowing, and scratches from your car’s headlight lenses, restoring their clarity and brightness. We also provide a headlight renewal service that includes car lens polishing, auto headlight refurbishment, headlamp clarity restoration, clear headlight upgrade, and automotive lens revival to make your car’s headlights look like new. Our restoration service is quick, affordable, and effective. We can clean up vehicle lights in no time, leaving you with brighter and clearer headlights that will improve your visibility and your car’s appearance. So, whether you’re looking for a quick headlight repair or a complete headlight renewal service, we’ve got you covered.
To ensure the highest quality of service, we kindly request that you schedule an appointment prior to your visit. By scheduling an appointment, we can ensure that you receive personalized attention and that our team is fully prepared to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. This will also help to prevent any unnecessary waiting times and ensure a seamless and efficient experience for you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Service Requires Appointment Call 631.923.1066 to schedule your appointment today!


  • Sand, polish, and seal

  • Good up to one (1) year

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